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The Asia-Pacific Hypnosis Conference

About Hypnopalooza!

HYPNOPALOOZA! is founded upon the principles of open friendly access, friendship, and community building among hypnotists and tranceworkers with varied experiences and working in very different contexts who have gathered to share and to explore new techniques and ideas together in a spirit of giving, sharing, and the appreciation of excellence. It is an experience where excellence and uniqueness are celebrated with an emphasis on serious continuing education with a playful manner. Just as the name of the event is a combination of the words hypnosis (describing a focused experiential trance) and lollapalooza (describing something exceptional, excellent, and unique wonderful), this conference takes up the spirit of the chautauqua (a continuing education conference that is more celebration and festival than simply classroom or lecture).

This event is unlike any other hypnosis conference or convention as it is intended to go beyond organizations or narrow sensibilities of what hypnosis is or should be but rather is intended to bridge the gaps so that those interested in hypnosis can learn and share techniques with others whose common bond is a love for hypnosis and trance as applied within a very large range of contexts such as hypnotherapy, education, entertainment, meditation, metaphysical discovery, recreation, self-improvement, and a number of alternative applications that one doesn't see represented at other more mainstream hypnosis conventions.

Hypnopalooza is truly an international experience and as such presentations may be in English or Chinese with interpretation into Chinese Mandarin or English as appropriate so presenters will be sharing in an international multi-cultural context.

Truly, this is more than a conference or convention or even a festival . . . this is Hypnopalooza! We are THE Asia-Pacific Hypnosis Conference . . . an event that is all those other things and so very much more . . . we're channeling the spirit of the our own inner lollapalooza nature, the chautauqua, and beyond . . . this is truly the eXperiential Trance Festival of festivals!

The Hypnopalooza experience is truly unique and exciting in that it brings together experts and leaders from within several communities where hypnosis is practiced in a sharing and giving atmosphere of open honest communication among peers. There are a number of online virtual communities where such open sharing and exchange of trance techniques for many contexts are encouraged. Hypnopalooza takes the virtual community experience into real time and real experience, bridging a gap to create a truly unique community experience.

Those seeking information exchange related to hypnosis techniques and processes will be happy with the standard track experience of the conference while there is also an alternatives track where some of the more esoteric subjects will be freely treated as well. This dual track approach to the conference makes it appropriate for anyone with an interest in hypnosis as there will likely be something going on at any time that you will be interested in, often new techniques or contexts that you may not have been exposed to previously. In this respect, Hypnopalooza is truly the most comprehensive of the open-access community-building hypnosis conferences around.

While Hypnopalooza is the "official" conference of the Society of Experiential Trance, membership in the society is neither required nor expected. The organizational philosophy of the Society and of the Hypnopalooza, like the associated online virtual discussion presence, the Hypnosis Technique Exchange, is one of community building, inclusiveness, and open sharing of information, techniques, and methods within a sharing and competence-based practice setting. Be sure to join our group on Facebook too (the Chinese-language group can be found here). Those in Taiwan may wish to also check out the meetup HypnoTaiwan for live workshops and online webinars throughout the year.

Why is there a Lolly Here?

While the name of the event is a combination of the words hypnosis (focused experiential trance) and lollapalooza (something exceptional, excellent, and unique wonderful), so too is our event logo image. Soon after the word lollapalooza was first used around 1896, it spread and can be found in classic literature and film (PG Wodehouse, HL Mencken, the Three Stooges, etc.) and began to be used in more varied contexts. Eventually, lollapalooza also became the name of very large lollipops . . . so, in honor of that etymological happenstance, we have adopted a large lolly with a hypnotic spiral as the official representational image of Hypnopalooza!